Sweet Mix o’ Mine

Michael’s now really sinking his teeth into mixing the 11 songs we recorded.

Yeah, it’s true…
We both think it’s the best music we’ve produced so far.

But it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

And that means…

We still have to get the mix right…
Balancing different instruments and voices…
And subtracting any disturbing noices and high frequencies.

The way we see it, the music has to hit hard, but not uncomfortable to your Vulcan ears.

And that might take time.

At least if you don’t have a dedicated horde of sound engineers and producers at your command.

Which we don’t.

But The Black Tear always has been and always will be a brotherhood of two passionate musicians, whose sole noble goal is to produce music that surpasses life.

And we don’t mean that in an arrogant way.

It’s not that we produce songs thinking it’s the hottest shit ever known to men.

No, but putting out music, on audio and video, that has the potential to remain on this planet forevver…gives this whole thing a surreal, yet very compelling dimension.

But wait…
Before we drift too far away from giving you some insights into what we’re doing right now, let us just say…

We’ll do our very best to put out some neck-turning, jaw-dropping songs that enrich your day and makes your body move.

Stay tuned and watch out for the impatiently-awaited release of “Second Skin”.

Felix & Michael
The Black Tear

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